Pocketful of Sunshine
Our goal is to get as many homes and offices using as much clean energy as possible. We do that by selling and installing solar-electricity equipment.

About 71% of India’s electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Using 250 units of electricity a month, an average house spews 2.7 tons of soot into the air, each year. That’s just one house! All this carbon in the air blankets the earth and warms it up. This results in extreme weather, drought and famine. People, animals, and plants die.

Solar energy can alleviate this situation while also offering all kinds of benefits:

Solar-electricity is the cleanest kind of energy. Nothing’s burnt, hectares of jungle are not drowned to create dams, and no radioactive waste is produced that we have no idea what to do with. Solar panels quietly convert light into electricity.
Here's something that might surprise you: more energy is received from the sun in one hour than the entire world needs in a year. India, unlike a lot of other countries, is well poised to take advantage of solar since we receive so much sunshine
Once installed, your panels will typically last you more than 35 years. (In fact, our panels are guaranteed to work at more than 80% efficiency for 27 years.) Over that period, the benefits — environmental as well as financial — far outweigh the initial costs.
Transmission loss in India is 23% overall, with some states losing up to 50% of what they generate. This is staggering! Since solar-electricity is generated on site, transmission loss is minimal.
The need is urgent, and the solution is obvious. Installing solar panels on your rooftops is nothing short of a step towards saving the planet.
There are several benefits to using solar-electricity in your house or office:
Reduced carbon footprint
Simply by using solar-electricity, an average household can keep 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. Offices typically consume more electricity, and therefore taking them off the grid improves the environment that much more.
Reduced bills
In Bangalore, your yearly bills can be slashed by around 60%.
Extended UPS backup
Since your home or office is powered directly by the sun during the day, the batteries stay full and ready to face power cuts that occur after sunset.
Peace of mind
We’ve seen that our customers breathe just a tiny bit easier knowing that the electricity they are using is not harming the environment, and is nearly free.
A robust system — one that can handle most of an average home’s or office’s needs, and includes batteries — will cost around ₹ 1.5 lakhs.
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